Will everyone know I’ve had a breast augmentation?

cleavageFor some women, small breasts are a constant source of self-consciousness – and, in some cases, distress.

When patients present at his Milton Keynes breast augmentation clinic, Mr Sudip Ghosh talks through what has led them to consider surgery and he is frequently told that their modest bust makes them feel less feminine, or that after their breasts lost volume post-pregnancy, their body confidence was seriously diminished, too.

A breast augmentation can address these issues – but most patients also seek reassurance that it is going to look natural, uneasy at the idea of replacing one cause of body consciousness with another.

How can I be sure of natural looking results?

There are many choices to make when planning a breast augmentation: should the implant be placed above or below the chest muscle? Which shape implant? Texture? And, crucially, which size would give you the optimal aesthetic results?

During your Milton Keynes breast augmentation consultation, Mr Ghosh will first take your medical history and ask you about your objectives before conducting an examination. His assessment of your frame will inform the bespoke surgical plan that he designs to meet your individual requirements and he will gladly explain his recommendations.

Mr Ghosh has many years’ experience in performing breast augmentations and advising on implant size; he cautions his patients against choosing implants that are overly large for their frame as this will not create a natural looking silhouette.

What should I look for in a breast augmentation surgeon?

For beautiful results that work in harmony with the body choose a surgeon who has been trained to the highest degree and has a great deal of experience in this procedure. You can ask to see before and after photos of their previous patients to make your own judgment on how natural looking their results can be.

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