Will cosmetic surgery hurt: let’s talk about pain

Here at SJG Plastic Surgery, we know that all newcomers to the benefits of an aesthetic procedure have a lot of psychological obstacles to overcome. None of us like the idea of surgery, and the idea of actually wanting to have some is a little hard to deal with. And one of the biggest barriers for many people is the idea of having to undergo pain and/or discomfort.

This may hurt a little…

There are many psychological barriers that we naturally put up when it comes to our first procedure, but let’s talk about one of the main ones: the idea of going through pain. Obviously, the level and location of pain are going to depend on the procedure you choose to have – and whilst pain is undeniably part of any surgical experience, the vast majority of our clients report they feel far less of it than they expected. There are three reasons for that:

  • The pain medication that the client takes before the procedure
  • The special care that is taken during the procedure
  • The pain medication regime that is adhered to afterwards

…but as little as possible

Like any other clinic, we adhere to a strict code of practice which is geared towards performing the procedure with the bare minimum of pain, which runs from the first consultation to any aftercare regime you will be put on.  During your consultation, you will be checked out physically, and we will discuss what you’re about to go through. In many cases, we will instruct you to get clearance from your GP before anything else happens.

Throughout the process, you will be kept completely up to speed regarding medication, your expected recovery period, and told exactly what (and what not) to do to keep pain at bay while your body heals.  So If your worries about pain are holding you back from the look you want, book a no-obligation consultation with us. You explain your fears, and we’ll give you the facts.

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