Will breast surgery give me more confidence?

Women presenting at Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes breast surgery clinic seek surgery for many different reasons. Whether it be to augment small breasts that have long been a source of embarrassment, or to lift breasts that lost volume during pregnancy, or to reduce breasts that cause aches and pains, a desire to have more confidence usually comes into it. If the shape and size of their breasts has become the focus of a woman’s attention, she can become acutely self-conscious and experience a significant drop in self-esteem.

What can breast surgery do for me?

In the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, breast surgery can create beautiful and natural-looking results, ones that complement the rest of your body. Many women who have opted to have a breast augmentation, reduction or lift (mastopexy) do say afterwards that surgery gave their confidence an enormous boost – but it is imperative that anyone considering any kind of cosmetic surgery is honest with themselves about their motives and their expectations. During a consultation with Milton Keynes-based Mr Ghosh, you will discuss your reasons for treatment. Mr Ghosh, a cosmetic surgeon with vast experience of breast surgery, will emphasise the importance of choosing surgery to please only yourself and no one else, and that you don’t have unrealistic hopes for what life changes a breast augmentation can effect.

What should I bear in mind when making my decision?

Before embarking on this course of action, research what is involved. Find a surgeon you trust, not only in terms of surgical skill and reputation but also to give you honest feedback. Ask yourself what you expect to change after surgery and if that is indeed realistic. Go into breast surgery with an understanding of its limitations; patients who do so tend to emerge the much happier with the results – and with that much longed for confidence to get on and enjoy life.

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