Will a facelift make me look younger?

The face can be a very visible reminder that we are getting older: gravity, sun damage, lifestyle factors all combine to blur the definition and contours we associate with youth. Facial rejuvenation surgery can be an effective way of taking a few years off; it can reset, rather than stop, the clock.

What does a facelift do?

There are a variety of facelift types and techniques. One of the most popular is the mid facelift which restores volume to the cheeks by repositioning drooping muscles. This can also lessen the appearance of the nasolabial crease, and lift the jowls; the latter are further improved by a tightening of the skin and, where appropriate, liposuction. People often opt to combine a mid facelift with a blepharoplasty; also known as eyelid surgery, this procedure addresses laxity in both upper and lower lids, reducing the hooded effect. By restoring youthful volume and definition, and improving the tautness of the facial skin, a facelift can replace a tired and world-weary look with a revitalised, brighter one.

Which is the best facial rejuvenation treatment for me?

At his Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery clinic, Mr Sudip Ghosh offers not only facelifts but the full range of facial surgery procedures, including Botox, silhouette thread facelifts and neck lifts. During your consultation, Mr Ghosh will ask you to describe what you do and don’t like about your face and what you hope to achieve. After taking your full medical history and assessing your facial structure and the condition of your skin and muscles, he will advise you on the best course of action to achieve your goals. Mr Ghosh believes it is essential that his Milton Keynes patients have realistic expectations as they embark on cosmetic surgery; to that end, he will discuss a procedure’s limitations and be candid about what results are achievable.

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