Why Spring is the best time for cosmetic surgery

You may think that now the evenings are finally starting to draw out, you’ve missed out on the optimum time to undergo a cosmetic procedure, but you’d be wrong. If anything, Spring is a much better time – and here are a few reasons why…

If your New Year resolution to lose weight has already faltered, there’s still plenty of time to be beach-ready for the holidays with a course of liposuction or abdominoplasty. Furthermore, the Easter and May bank holidays mean that you can maximise your post-op downtime without cutting too much into your work holiday time.

There’s still time to get healthy for the holidays…

…and the best way to kick-start that is to get a little help from a cosmetic surgeon. The work we put in and the results we produce will deliver a big enough confidence boost to want to finish the job yourself, or focus on other areas. If you’d rather not show off your body because of your moles, for example, we can get rid of them easily.

Less sunlight makes it safer to go outdoors

One of the things you’re instructed not to do after undergoing most cosmetic procedures is to expose the affected area to intense sunlight immediately afterwards. So it makes sense to go through your assigned recovery period at a time when you’re not going to be tempted to worship the sun.

Get one jump ahead on summer-related issues

If intense sunlight turned up at full volume brings on problems, now is the time to get them resolved. If you suffer from acne or other facial blemishes, a chemical peel can undo the damage and reset your complexion. And if your sweat glands go into overdrive at the peak of summer, an injection of Botox into the armpit can block the messages that encourage the sweat glands to go berserk.

So as you can see, there’s plenty of reasons to get booked in with us right now.

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