Why have I gained weight after liposuction?

People assume that liposuction is a treatment that’s only to be used in cases of extreme obesity, or as a vanity project for people who want to suck away twenty years of full English breakfasts without putting in the effort themselves. Not exactly true. Yes, lipo can be used in extreme cases to remove vast amounts of fat when a patient is in danger, but it’s always been a procedure designed to improve body shape.

So, after the procedure, what happens when the client gains weight? It’s a common issue, and can almost always be grouped into one of three factors…

Your body’s reaction to lipo

 After liposuction, your body will react by swelling in the area where the fat has been removed. This swelling mainly consists of water, and naturally recedes over time. Because there will be a period of soreness post-surgery, you will be advised to refrain from exercise – which can naturally lead to a build-up of fat.

Not understanding what liposuction actually does 

If you assume that lipo is a short-cut to a slim figure, you may be under the misapprehension that you don’t need to do anything after the procedure to keep the weight off. This isn’t the case at all: just because the current deposit of fat has been removed, it doesn’t mean that the body has forgotten how to produce more of it – with your help…

Your attitude towards diet and exercise

The worst thing you can do after lipo is to assume you’ve been given a licence to pile on the pounds again. Yes, you could have another procedure down the line, but you’re still courting all the dangers that a high calorific intake and sedentary lifestyle bring on.

Bottom line: a healthy diet teamed with an exercise regime does far more good for your body shape than any cosmetic surgeon could. All we can do is help you attain the body shape you want. Keeping that shape is entirely down to you.

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