Why do we get saggy breasts – and how do we avoid it?

There are many reasons as to why parts of our body sag over time. The main factor is obvious and unavoidable: we all suffer a marked decline in the skin’s elasticity, robbing it of the ability to snap back into place when we lose weight. When it comes to breasts, however, other factors come into play. Let’s talk about what can bring on sagging breasts – and what doesn’t.

Smoking and sagging skin

A long-term smoking habit breaks down a protein in the skin known as elastin, which supports the breasts and supplies the skin with an element of ‘give’.

Pregnancy and changes to skin elasticity

Over half of women experience sagging after pregnancy according to medical studies, but breastfeeding – long seen as the prime culprit – has nothing to do with it. It’s actually to do with your breasts enlarging during pregnancy to prepare them for breastfeeding, and then filling with milk after childbirth – which is going to happen if you breastfeed or not. The more children you have, the greater the chances of sagging – along with any other weight gain while pregnant.

Vigorous exercise and effect on our skin

Working out is a great way to keep the body taut, but the extra movement larger breasts can make during exercise sessions can contribute to sagging over time. And you can’t exactly exercise your breasts in the gym.

Wearing (or not wearing) a bra and sagging breasts

No bra equals extra sagging, right? Wrong. There is no scientific evidence to support the theory that wearing a bra can slow down the onset of breast-sagging, because the breast – unlike other parts of the body – is an external organ and does not contain muscle. The sole point of a bra is to enhance the look of what you’ve got.

If you are experiencing sagginess, there’s only one solution: a breast uplift. We can help you get the shape you want with a simple procedure which really gets results, so call us on 0845 304 7083 or email enquiries@sjgonine to take back control of the way you look.

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