Which breast implant size and shape is right for you?

So, for whatever reason, you no longer like the size and/or shape of your breasts, and you want to do something about it. But what, exactly, because when you make the decision to change up your look, you realise the choice isn’t as simple as you thought, because there are several different decisions to make. So let’s go through the main ones…

Bigger, smaller, or the same size?

The obvious starting point – for both the breast augmentation patient and surgeon – is to consider your current bra size, and talk about what size you’d like to be. The general benchmark that surgeons adhere to is that 100mls of implant material will increase small breasts on a small frame by one cup size, while for larger breasts on a broader frame, over 200 mls are usually needed for an increase of a single cup size. So if your key goal is to attain the cup size you’ve always wanted, expect your surgeon to break out the calculator.

Under or above the breast muscles?

When it comes to implant, there’s no one-size-fits-all policy. Take the positioning of them: If you have a small amount of breast tissue above the nipples, the implant is usually placed under the breast muscles, as it ensures the upper edge of the implant isn’t visible, resulting in a more natural contour. In other cases, implants are placed in a ‘dual plane’, where the bottom half of the implant juts out of the muscle, in order to enhance the lower curve of the breasts.

How natural do you want to look?

This is a very important consideration because your choice will determine which type of implant is used. If you’re looking for the more voluptuous shape, round implants are recommended. If you want a naturally enhanced look, the teardrop-shaped implant is the way to go.

Whatever look you want, we can help. All our breast implant procedures are prefaced by a consultation session, where we listen to your desires and help you work out which treatment would be best for you.

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