What will happen at my arm lift consultation?

There are very few areas of the body that are immune to the signs of ageing, and the upper arms are certainly not one of them. Skin that has lost its elasticity sags, making smooth and attractively toned arms a thing of the distant past. This is particularly frustrating for those who have lost a significant amount of weight, but the saggy, drooping skin on their arms still robs them of the courage to wear short-sleeved tops. In such cases, an arm reduction and lift – also known as a brachioplasty – can restore both tone and confidence.

Who will I see at the arm lift consultation?

In order for you to feel comfortable and safe in their care, it is important that you see the surgeon who will be performing your arm lift. Mr Sudip Ghosh, a highly experienced and qualified surgeon based in Milton Keynes, sees all of his prospective patients personally. During your consultation, he will take your full medical history and ask you about your cosmetic surgery goals before conducting a thorough physical examination. When he has assessed the condition of your skin and the extent of your problem, he will tailor a surgical plan to your individual case. Mr Ghosh will explain the procedure in detail, outlining the potential risks and complications, what degree of scarring you should expect, and he will also speak candidly about the limitations of arm reduction surgery.

What questions should I ask?

You may want to know more about your surgeon: how long have they been practising? How frequently do they perform arm lifts? What is their patient satisfaction rate? Do they belong to a professional body such as BAPRAS or BAAPS? At Mr Ghosh’s Milton Keynes clinic, all patients are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need to make an informed and confident decision about arm reduction surgery.

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