What to do about Dupuytren’s disease

What to do about dupuytren's disease in Milton KeynesDupuytren’s disease is a strange and scary-sounding ailment: found mainly in older males of Northern European extraction, it’s a genetic condition that begins as a lump in the palm of the hand, usually underneath the ring finger.

As time goes on, the lump can develop into a band which grows into the finger(s), which can result in it pulling the fingers out of their natural resting position and downwards into the palm. In extreme cases, it can result in an inability to straighten one or more fingers and even the thumb.

Don’t panic – it’s not life-threatening

It’s not a particularly painful malady, it’s not particularly serious in most cases, and it is in no way an indication of something more life-threatening – but it can an incredible annoyance to sufferers, especially those who use their hands during their day-to-day life, which is pretty much everyone.

As this document produced by the NHS points out, there is no actual treatment for Dupuytren’s – there’s no medication, be it internal or topical, that can ‘cure’ the ailment, but there are procedures that can counter the effects it has on your fingers, from steroid injections to more intrusive surgery.

However, it goes without saying that as the ailment isn’t deemed ‘serious’ by the NHS, you could find yourself on the end of a long waiting list and at the mercy of the postcode lottery.

Straighten up, with our help

In which case, we may be able to help. If you’re looking for a second opinion and a fast solution to your Dupuytren’s in Milton Keynes, get in touch with our surgeries in Buckinghamshire.

Depending on the severity of the condition, we can offer you solid advice and a range of treatment options that can put your fingers back on the straight and narrow. For a consultation, call 0845 304 7083 or fill in the enquiry form here.

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