What should I look for in a breast augmentation surgeon?

What to look for in a breast augmentation surgeonBreast augmentation surgery is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in the UK. It is a relatively straightforward operation with predictable results and a high patient satisfaction rate, and is offered by many, many providers.

But is one Milton Keynes breast augmentation as successful as the next? And with so many clinics offering this surgery, how do you go about making the right choice? As you do your research, ask yourself these three questions.

1. Am I confident they have the right professional credentials?

Having letters after a name is helpful to those in the know but if it isn’t your field they don’t always reassure. The most important details to check are if a surgeon is on the GMC’s Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons and that they practice in a clinic approved by the Care Quality Council.

Furthermore, are they a member of a prestigious professional body such as BAPRAS or BAAPS? Milton Keynes-based Mr Ghosh is a BAPRAS member which assures his patients that he is peer reviewed, his training is up to the minute and that he adheres to stringent safety standards.

2. Do they ‘do a good breast augmentation’?

A cosmetic surgeon may be well qualified but if they rarely perform breast surgery, is this where you want to be? Ask how frequently they do this procedure and if they have any testimonials from past patients.

Ask, too, to see before and after photos of their previous breast augmentations so that you can judge for yourself their combination of surgical skill and an artistic eye.

3. Are they being honest with me?

A good rapport between patient and surgeon is important. Mr Sudip Ghosh approaches each of his Milton Keynes patients as an individual case, tailoring their breast augmentation to their particular needs. He will ask you to be open about your objectives, and he will, in turn, be candid about the improvements you can expect.

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