What should I expect in my post-weight loss surgery consultation?

While the health benefits of losing a dramatic amount of weight are numerous, coping with a mass of excess skin can be a struggle. Many people who have undergone weight loss surgery go on to explore the possibility of further surgery to address the folds of skin on their thighs, upper arms and stomachs. The first step is to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon such as Milton Keynes-based Mr Sudip Ghosh.

What is the purpose of the consultation?

The post-weight loss surgery consultation has several purposes. Firstly, it is a chance for you to discover if you are a good candidate for surgery, and to receive guidance on what improvements can be made – and how. Secondly, it is your opportunity to learn more about the procedure and ask any questions necessary to help you make an informed decision. Thirdly, the consultation is the time for you to find out if this is the right surgeon for you. Choosing a surgeon whose skills and judgement you trust is an important part of making your post-weight loss surgery a wholly positive experience.

What will happen at the post-weight loss surgery consultation?

During your consultation, Mr Sudip Ghosh will ask you about your goals and take your full medical history before conducting a physical examination. He will then tailor a bespoke surgical plan to your individual requirements. Mr Ghosh explains to all his Milton Keynes patients the potential risks and complications of surgery and outlines what to expect in terms of preparation, recovery and, critically, results. He will also ask you about your motivations and your expectations as, in Mr Ghosh’s experience, patients who are both honest and realistic about their post-weight loss surgery objectives are the much happier with the final outcomes.

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