What shall I ask at my total body lift consultation?

confusedWeight loss surgery is a lifesaver for many people, literally speaking. Yet it is not uncommon, several months down the line, for those same patients to point to their excess folds of skin, a by-product of dramatic weight loss, and say, “I hate my body more than ever”.

The drooping skin is not only unsightly and often difficult to disguise with clothing, but it can be extremely uncomfortable, too. None of this helps when someone is trying to reclaim their self-confidence. In these cases, post-weight-loss surgery can make much longed for changes and produce attractive results.

When Mr Sudip Ghosh sees patients at his Milton Keynes post-weight-loss clinic, he encourages them to ask as many questions as they need to ascertain whether this is indeed the path for them. Here are just three that you may wish to ask.

1. Which areas can be improved?

Each candidate for a total body lift is assessed as an individual case. For some, an abdominoplasty, buttock and thigh lift may be appropriate; for others, extending the surgery to include an arm reduction and breast uplift may be the right course of action.

Mr Ghosh will talk you through the details of your bespoke procedure, outlining the potential risks and explaining how these are minimised.

2. What can I do to prepare for my total body lift?

Getting yourself in the best physical condition will be beneficial both to how you cope with the surgery itself and how quickly you are back on your feet – so eat well, rest well, cut out the bad stuff and get active.

3. Are my total body lift expectations realistic?

Before and after photos of previous procedures will give you a feel for what degree of improvement you can expect. As Mr Ghosh will emphasise in your Milton Keynes total body lift consultation, having realistic expectations is essential to a satisfied outcome.

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