What scars will I have after breast augmentation procedure?

Scarring is one of the major concerns for any patient contemplating a cosmetic surgery procedure and it is true that scars are an unavoidable feature of a surgical operation, but Mr Sudip Ghosh always explains to his Buckinghamshire breast augmentation patients, the scars are a sign that a change has been made. And, by producing beautifully natural results that fulfil expectations, the patient will always focus on the positive change that has been achieved rather than the scars.

Scars after a breast augmentation procedure

The good news is that scarring after a breast augmentation procedure, for most patients, is usually hardly noticeable once the scars have fully matured. Mr Sudip Ghosh usually makes an incision around the nipple area, known as a peri-areolar incision, or in the inframammary fold. This means that any scars are usually well hidden, either in the different colour and texture of the areolas or in the crease under the breast.

Steps you can take to improve scarring after a breast augmentation procedure

Your plastic surgeon’s role, in terms of scarring, will be to ensure that incisions are well planned and executed, but then how your scars heal depends very much on the individual patients. Some patients suffer from hypertrophic scarring where the scar can become red, raised and swollen, rather than fade and flatten. Silicone gels and tapes can be used to try and improve the appearance of hypertrophic scarring.

Mr Sudip Ghosh always advises patients to ensure the body’s healing ability is supported during the recovery process. This can be done by wearing a compression bra or garment that supports the breasts, minimising tension on the wound area.

Stopping smoking is a must for at least a few weeks after your surgery. The nicotine present in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor, which means it causes the blood vessels to shrink, delivering less oxygenated blood to the wound area. Carbon monoxide levels also increase, lowering the levels of oxygen in the blood, required the body for optimum wound healing. Smoking can also break down the levels of collagen in the skin – a major cause of visible facial ageing – which can also mean less than optimal results.

Mr Sudip Ghosh can explain all aspects of your breast augmentation procedure in full during your consultation at his cosmetic surgery clinic in Milton Keynes.

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