What questions should I ask at my hand surgery consultation?

Conditions affecting the hand can be debilitating, making even the smallest daily tasks difficult. In some cases, problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and Dupuytrens can be vastly improved or even resolved by a relatively straightforward surgical procedure.

A plastic surgeon such as Milton Keynes-based Mr Sudip Ghosh who has much experience in performing hand surgery can assess the severity of your condition and explain the full range of options available to you. The consultation is also your opportunity to find out just what hand surgery involves so here are six questions for your surgeon to answer.

1. Is surgery my only option?

Depending on the severity of the problem, there will be steps to take before surgery becomes the answer – wrist splints, physiotherapy, for example. Some conditions will clear up without needing any treatment.

2. Will I need a general anaesthetic?

In most cases, ulnar nerve, Guyons canal and carpal tunnel decompression can all be performed using local  anaesthetic.

3. What happens during surgery?

Ask your surgeon to talk you through the mechanics of the procedure: what is causing the pain and how is this addressed through surgery? Whether they are suffering from ganglions, Dupuytrens or Guyons canal syndrome, Mr Ghosh ensures his Milton Keynes patients understand their condition and its treatment.

4. What are the risks?

Before undergoing any operation it is imperative that the patient is aware of risks and potential complications.

5. Will there be restrictions on my mobility afterwards?

The recovery time will vary depending on your condition and your surgeon will be able to advise you on what limitations you should expect – and how long it will take to resume normal activities.

6. What about follow up care?

Will you need physiotherapy after your hand surgery or to see an occupational therapist? Will you have to wear a splint – if so, for how long?

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