What is the recovery like after a thigh lift?

zen-865022_960_720For many people who have had weight loss surgery, the joy they experience as the pounds drop off is replaced by dismay at the excess skin left behind.

Despairingly, they say not only is it unsightly, but it’s uncomfortable, too – and it’s a huge blow to their self-confidence, perhaps more so than being very overweight in the first place.

In these cases, thigh reduction surgery can make significant aesthetic improvements, removing the unwelcome folds of skin and smooth out the silhouette.

How much downtime will my thigh lift require?

A thigh lift is a relatively straightforward procedure, entailing the excision of excess skin and fat from the inner thighs before suturing the ends together. It usually takes around two hours and will require at least one night in hospital afterwards.

You will be encouraged to get up and about as soon as possible but will need to avoid strenuous activity and most thigh lift patients feel that two weeks off work feels about right.

In most cases, you will be able to resume all normal activity, including exercising, after six weeks – but you will discuss this with Mr Ghosh at your follow up Milton Keynes thigh lift appointments when your individual rate of healing is assessed.

When will I notice the final results?

Your thighs will be swollen and bruised for the first couple of weeks, all the more so if you had simultaneous liposuction.

Mr Ghosh’s Milton Keynes patients wear a compression garment after their thigh lift which works to reduce the swelling and support sound healing.

Over a period of a few months, the incision and general thigh area will continue to heal, with some areas feeling firm, some experiencing altered sensation and an overall low-level swelling.

After six months, you should be able to fully appreciate the final results.

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