What is involved in a male breast reduction?

man arms crossedWhile the term ‘moobs’ is frequently used in a light-hearted way, having excess breast tissue can be demoralising for men.

Gynaecomastia, a condition caused by a hormone imbalance – most often occurring during puberty – or obesity, boosts oestrogen levels and results in the growth of breast tissue.

A male breast reduction can achieve attractive results for men with gynaecomastia; it may also be suitable for those left with droopy pockets of breast tissue after losing a significant amount of weight but not for those whose large breasts are simply excess fat.

What happens during surgery?

A male breast reduction is carried out under general anaesthetic, takes approximately 90 minutes and requires an overnight stay in hospital.

The procedure generally involves an incision around the nipple followed by liposuction to remove the excess fatty tissue. If even more tissue needs to be removed, it may be necessary to extend the incision and reposition the nipples.

During your Milton Keynes male breast reduction consultation, Mr Sudip Ghosh will talk you through the entire procedure and alert you to the potential risks and complications, believing that patients can only make confident decisions about their care if they are fully informed of the facts.

What is the recovery like?

Male breast reduction patients are advised to take a few days off work but should be able to resume most normal activities after a fortnight.

When discharging his Milton Keynes patients from hospital, Mr Sudip Ghosh gives comprehensive, written instructions on their aftercare. These will include guidance on wearing a compression garment to enable sound and speedy healing and when exercise can be resumed.

In the initial aftermath, you will need to avoid stretching and lifting, and the judicious care of the incision site will leave you with scars that are the less noticeable.

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