What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a catch-all term for a range of cosmetic surgery procedures which address the issues caused by excess fat and/or skin. The most well-known instances of body contouring are deployed on clients who have lost a significant amount of weight – either through diet and exercise or after bariatric surgery.

However, with the rise of recent non-surgical ultrasound techniques, the term has been expanded to accommodate people who have maintained a healthy diet and suitable exercise regime who still have pockets of fat they’d like to eliminate.

The key body contouring procedures are:

Tummy tuck

Known as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck procedure is relatively simple, albeit intensive. The procedure begins with the injection of fluid under the abdominal skin in order to reduce bleeding, followed by – if necessary – a treatment of liposuction to reduce the layer of remaining fat.

Arm lift

A brachioplasty procedure varies from client to client, depending on the state of the skin after weight loss. However, the goal is the same: the removal of excess fat and skin that has accumulated over time, and the tightening and restoring of the natural smooth skin and contours that have faded over time.

Thigh reduction

As with the arm lift, the aim of thigh reduction is to make an incision in order to remove any remaining fat, and to trim away superfluous skin.

Breast uplift

Designed to restore the breasts to their original, natural shape – as opposed to enlarging them – a breast uplift or mastopexy is also the perfect procedure for downwardly-pointing nipples, repositioning the nipples for a more natural look, and reducing the appearance of enlarged areola.

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