What happens after a rhinoplasty procedure?

Buckinghamshire rhinoplasty recoveryWhile rhinoplasty techniques have come on in leaps and bounds over time, many people are put off not by the actual procedure, but by the downtime it causes. So let’s take you through the recovery process…

The first thing you need to be aware of is that recovery from a rhinoplasty procedure is nowhere near as painful as you’d think: you’ll be advised to have a supply of painkillers on hand, but most clients report that they felt no use for them.

The packing is not lacking

However, there’s no getting around the fact that the immediate recovery process can be uncomfortable, due to the internasal surgical packing that will be fitted inside the nose to prevent bleeding and to help the new shape to set. This will result in a temporary loss of sense of smell, difficulty in eating ‘hard’ foods, and – if you wear them – having to put the spectacles back in their case for up to a month.

One fact of rhinoplasty that is impossible to get round is that bruising and swelling are inevitable. However, clients report that they look far worse than they actually feel. However, a period of downtime is unavoidable, as you give your nose the time to heal up and calm down. Although the worst of the bruising and swelling will dissipate in the first week or so, the nose will remain slightly swollen for months, which is why our lead cosmetic surgeon, Mr Sudip Ghosh, will advise rhinoplasty patients that the full results will not be evident until at least six months after the procedure.

So why would anyone go through such an inconvenience?

Because, as anyone who has had their nose done will tell you, the procedure works, and the results can be life-changing. As the nose is at the centre of the face, any imperfections to it can seriously unbalance its features. There are a range of procedural options available, depending on how you’d like to change the shape and size of your nose – for more information on what we can do for you, visit our rhinoplasty page.

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