What can cosmetic surgery do for the male torso?

Today, more men are concerned with their looks – just count the number of health and fitness magazines on your newsagent’s shelves. They want to achieve a more toned look but, in spite of many hours spent at the gym, parts of their torso resist. Cosmetic surgery is no longer the sole domain of women; indeed, it may surprise you to learn that men account for 10% of cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK.

Can surgery get rid of ‘moobs’?

Many men presenting at Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery clinic have been driven there by feelings of self-consciousness about their chest. Gynaecomastia, a hormonal condition affecting men where they develop a breast-like appearance on their chest and more commonly referred to as ‘ having moobs’, is not uncommon – but it can be a real blow to a man’s self-esteem. Exercise can help but does not always cure, and neither does clothing always disguise the problem. In these cases, a male breast reduction may be appropriate. It is a procedure carried out under general anaesthetic and usually lasting 90 minutes, during which the excess fatty tissue is removed. Over 700 men chose to have a male breast reduction in the UK last year.

And what about the abdomen?

During a consultation with Milton Keynes cosmetic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh, you will discuss your concerns and goals. Mr Ghosh will take your medical history before conducting a physical examination. He will then advise you on what goals are achievable – and how you can reach them through cosmetic surgery. He may suggest liposuction, or that an abdominoplasty would produce the preferred results. An abdominoplasty involves repositioning and tightening the abs, and removing stubborn pockets of fat and excess skin (common after significant weight loss). Using a combination of the two, Mr Ghosh can recontour the abdomen, achieving for you a tauter, more toned look.

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