What are the potential risks of liposculpture?

Liposculpture is the use of liposuction to accentuate specific bodily features. This is achieved by sucking out stubborn pockets of fat and can produce some very pleasing results on many notoriously troublesome parts of the body, including the stomach, trunk and thighs. In 2014, liposuction was one of the few cosmetic surgery treatments whose popularity increased: 4,637 procedures were performed – a 7% rise on the year before.

What can go wrong?

As with any surgery, liposuction carries an element of risk and it is important than anyone deliberating having it is fully aware of this. During your Milton Keynes liposculpture consultation, Mr Sudip Ghosh will discuss side effects and risks at length. He will then take your full medical history and assess your suitability for surgery; there are several factors that can increase the risk of complication during surgery including smoking, a high BMI and chronic health problems. Potential complications specific to liposuction include lumpy and uneven results, numbness, haematoma (bleeding under the skin), thrombosis, pulmonary oedema and, rarely, damage to internal organs.

How do I make safe liposuction choices?

Liposuction is widely regarded as a safe treatment and it is very uncommon for serious problems to develop. However, it is an invasive procedure and choosing a surgeon who has the relevant skills and experience will give you confidence about achieving a safe and satisfactory result. Milton Keynes-based surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh is a consultant plastic surgeon with decades’ experience of cosmetic surgery. As a member of the prestigious professional body BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) he is committed to meeting the highest levels of training and safety. Furthermore, Mr Ghosh only practices in clinics that meet the safety standards of the Care Quality Commission so you can feel sure that you are in the hands of top quality health professionals.

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