What are the potential risks of an arm lift?

Milton Keynes arm lift‘Bingo wings’ are something many women dread developing as they get older. The loss of elastin in the skin that leads to sagging fatty folds and a general lack of tone means sections of a woman’s wardrobe are now off limits – and she may become acutely self-conscious about this part of her body.

An arm lift – or arm reduction – can be an effective means of removing the excess fat and skin, leaving a smoother, tauter finish. Before making any cosmetic surgery decisions, however, it is important to understand what could go wrong – so, what are the key risks?

Health risks associated with surgery

Any surgery, however minor, carries risk. Complications may arise as a result of an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic; and there are the general risks of bleeding and infection.

This is where choosing a vastly qualified and experienced surgeon who operates in only the best clinics with the support of highly trained anaesthetists is important: skill, training and experience minimise the chance of things going wrong – and enable speedy action if something does.

At your Milton Keynes arm lift consultation, Mr Sudip Ghosh will take your medical history before conducting a physical examination to rule out health conditions that would make you unsuitable for surgery.

What are the aesthetic risks?

While a skilled surgeon can produce the finest scars, and diligent post-operative care on the part of the patient can facilitate optimum healing, the fact remains that arm lift scarring is unavoidable.

If, for example, you suffer from keloid (where your body’s healing process forms red, raised scars) you may feel that the likely scarring will be worse than the original sagginess.

Mr Ghosh ensures his Milton Keynes arm lift patients understand the potential risks and complications in full before they make any decisions about whether an arm lift is right for them.

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