Want a new nose with no nonsense? We can help

non-surgical nose reshaping benefitsIf you’re looking for a new look for 2018 – but don’t have time for a more intensive procedure – nose reshaping might just be the trick. It garnered a lot of attention this year when it was dubbed ‘the lunchtime nose job’ by the media, but it certainly isn’t a passing trend.

Nose reshaping is essentially the use of dermal fillers as a quick and affordable method of positively altering the appearance of the nose. Because it’s a non-surgical procedure, it offers instant results, with minimal downtime when compared to standard rhinoplasty procedures.

Is nose reshaping for me?

Obviously, nose reshaping isn’t for everyone. If you want to reduce the size of your nose, for example, you’re going to be better served with a traditional rhinoplasty procedure. However, if you’re looking to balance out any imperfections in your nose – such as a misshapen lump on the bridge of the nose, a crooked nose, an unsightly droop at the tip of the nose or a hooked nose, the non-surgical nose job is the perfect solution.

How does nose reshaping work?

The actual procedure takes less than a quarter of an hour, but you’ll be required to have your nose treated with a numbing cream 20 minutes beforehand. The dermal filler – which is designed to hold the shape and not merge into each other in the tissue area – is then injected into the appropriate areas of the nose to rebalance its shape and look. And you’re done.

Because of the nature of dermal fillers, the effects are not permanent, and the effects will last from anywhere from eight to ten months. However, you can always ‘top-up’ the treatment when you need to, and it’s a great introduction to the benefits of aesthetic procedures to get the look you want.  For more information, please call 0845 304 7083 or email us at enquires@sjgonline.co.uk.

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