Top 5 tips for preparing for a breast augmentation

breastsOnce you have made the decision to have a breast augmentation, your mind can move on to the procedure itself. A question often asked in Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes breast augmentation clinic is what can a patient do in advance to make the process run as smoothly as possible? Here are five tips on preparing for surgery.

1. Get in shape

One of the best ways to preserve the results of your breast augmentation is to maintain a steady weight after surgery. Dramatic fluctuations will stretch the skin and compromise the tidy firmness achieved by your cosmetic surgeon. If you intend to lose weight, do so before you set the date.

2. Improve your fitness

While a breast augmentation is a relatively straightforward procedure, and one that your surgeon will have performed many times before, any surgery involving a general anaesthetic will, momentarily, take the wind out of your sails. Those who are in good health and are relatively fit cope better with the strains of surgery. Get yourself ‘match fit’ by being active and cutting out the bad stuff.

3. Quit smoking

Nicotine in the bloodstream can cause complications with the anaesthetic – and can slow down healthy scar healing post-op. Mr Ghosh advises his Milton Keynes patients to stop smoking two weeks before their breast augmentation.

4. Get organised

You will be able to resume most routine activities after a fortnight (although exercise will take longer) but planning ahead for your immediate recovery will help you get back on your feet quickly. Clear your diary, and stock up your home for some relaxing downtime.

5. Be positive yet realistic

As the day of surgery approaches, you will be excited about achieving your new contours. With this in mind, Mr Ghosh urges his patients to be aware of the limitations of surgery, explaining how those who have had realistic expectations emerge the more satisfied with the outcomes.

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