Top 3 liposuction FAQs

Top 3 Buckinghamshire liposuction FAQsThe popularity of liposuction continues to rise: the figures from 2015 were 20% up on the previous year. And it is not just women who choose this treatment: around 10% of procedures were performed on men.

Mr Sudip Ghosh sees many people in his Milton Keynes liposuction clinic who are eager to find out more about the procedure and how it can help them achieve attractive and natural looking results.

Mr Ghosh emphasises the importance of understanding what is involved before making any decisions and encourages his patients to ask many questions. Here are three of the most commonly raised ones:

1. Does the fat come back?

The fat cells in our bodies either grow or shrink – they do not multiply or grow anew. Liposuction removes fat cells from particularly stubborn areas and they do not ‘grow back’. Your new shape will be relatively permanent.

If you put on weight after your liposuction, the few residual fat cells in the problem area will get larger but your figure will maintain the overall new shape – only a larger version. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle will help preserve the aesthetic results for longer.

2. Is liposuction painful?

The procedure is carried out using anaesthetic, either local or general depending on the location and extent. You will therefore not feel pain as it happens but you should expect to feel some discomfort in the recovery stage.

The soreness is usually at its greatest 2 to 4 days after your treatment, steadily decreasing from here. You may feel tender for four weeks, but this will gradually subside.

3. Liposuction or a tummy tuck?

Liposuction effectively removes fat but it does not address issues of saggy, overstretched skin. During your consultation at his Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery clinic, Mr Ghosh will listen to your objectives before conducting a physical examination. He will then be well placed to advise you on which procedure – or combination of procedures – will help you achieve your goals.

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