Tired of standing out? Pin back your ears

pinnaplasty surgery BuckinghamIf you suffer from prominent ears, and you don’t like the way you look, there’s a reason for that: you have the lack of a ‘fold’ at the back of the ear, which usually keeps it close to the side of your head. We can help you put that right, simply and efficiently.

The technical names of corrective ear surgery are ‘pinnaplasty’ and ‘otoplasty’, but they both do the same job: adjusting the cartilage within the ear, (by making incisions behind it to get at the cartilage) in order to create a new fold that will pull the ears closer to the head. This is done by removing a small piece of cartilage, and then scoring and stitching the remaining cartilage into the right shape and position.

How long will pinnaplasty surgery take?

A typical procedure can take anything between one and two hours. If local anaesthetic is used – and it usually is – a standard procedure is a walk-in, walk-out affair. It’s one of the simpler procedures in the book, and we have an immense amount of experience and expertise in this area.

What happens after a pinnaplasty procedure?

The immediate effects will be a numb or tender feeling behind the ears – and a possible light tingling sensation which could last for a few weeks. You won’t be allowed to wash your hair for the first few days, and you may be required to wear a bandage around the head during this time.

There may also be some slight bruising, which lasts for a couple of weeks. Any slight pain or discomfort you may feel during the recovery period can be overcome with over-the-counter painkillers, however, and you’ll be sufficiently presentable to resume your day-to-day duties after a week or two.

For more information, please consult our prominent ear correction page.

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