Time to tighten up? Try a thigh lift

thigh liftSagging skin around the thigh areas happen for a reason. Sometimes, it’s due to a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, but ageing – specifically, the decline in the skin’s natural elasticity – is the key factor. The sad truth is that no matter how diligent you are with a diet and exercise regime, that skin is not going to snap back into place as it would do a few decades ago. If you’ve achieved a dramatic amount of weight loss, you’re probably going to be left with sagging, no matter how young you are. And of course, some people are cursed with naturally full thighs which they’d love to reduce.

Achieve clean, natural lines

The thigh lift can address and correct all of those problems. As with an arm lift, the goal of the procedure is twofold: to remove the excess fat and skin that has accumulated over time, and to tightening and restoration of the natural smooth skin and contours that have faded over time.

The only variations in the procedure will depend entirely upon the shape and condition of the client’s thighs. If there is a minimal amount of fat content in the thigh, a simple liposuction procedure and a minor trimming of excess skin may be all that’s needed. A full lift – for clients with a more voluminous fat build-up and a more acute sagging skin issue – will involve more work.

How does a thigh lift work?

A full thigh lift procedure involves an incision, the length of which depends on the condition of the client. The incision runs down the inner thigh, and can go as far as the groin to the knee, with the possibility of making another incision along the fold of the buttocks to enable further lift.

All procedures are performed under local or general anaesthesia, with full recovery occurring after a couple of weeks. For further details, please consult our thigh and arm reduction section.

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