Time to get ready for Party Season

If you’ve auditioned your wardrobe for the end of the year and have already discovered a couple of things you’d rather not have – or you’re looking for a finishing touch to help you look your absolute best during the wave of Christmas and New Year’s dos – now is the time to get booked in. Here’s a brief selection of what we can do for you between now and December…

Shape up with liposculpture

If you want to reach the fat in parts of the body that exercise and dieting can’t reach – under the arms, or neck fat, or muffin tops, or anywhere that’s bothering you – liposculpture is the ideal solution. A typical procedure can take between one and two hours, and the downtime is minimal.

Take out wrinkles and crow’s feet with Botox

Certain facial wrinkles are due to repeated muscular activity, such as frowning, smiling and squinting. As we mature, and the natural production of collagen and elastin starts to recede, those lines become permanent. However, a treatment of Botulinum Toxin can reduce the tightening in the face.

Unwrap your new look with a peel

If you want to look as fresh as possible this Party Season – or are planning to spend the post-Christmas period on the right foot – a chemical peel is the perfect solution. By removing the top layer of your complexion (which has been put through the mill by summer’s excesses), we can bring out a more youthful, less damaged appearance.

Look forward to 2018 with a Silhouette facelift

If you’re looking for instant results with minimal invasion and very little downtime, the Silhouette facelift is for you. By placing bio-absorbable threads under the skin, we can reshape your face and deliver a vital collagen-stimulating boost at the same time.

Cosmetic surgery will always a period of downtime so non-surgical aesthetic procedures are the perfect option for someone wanting a quick but effective transformation.

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