Time for a neck lift?

neck lift timingIt’s the time of the year all neck-haters dread. No scarves, no turtlenecks, not getting away from it: the summertime is a cruel reminder that no matter how healthy your diet, or how much work you put in at the gym, there are always  parts of your body that no dieting or exercising can help – and your neck is the most prominent one.

A neck lift is a procedure which addresses the problems of wrinkles, sagging neck on the skin and ‘neck bands’ (which are caused by ageing, prominence of neck muscles or considerable weight loss). It utilises a combination of liposuction and incision to trim unnecessary neck skin, tighten underlying muscles, improve the contour of the jawline, and restore a youthful, attractive look. It’s usually done at the same time as a facelift, but can be done as a stand-alone procedure if required.

What happens during a neck lift?

The procedure is carried out under a general anaesthetic, and last between one and a half and three hours. Your surgeon commences the procedure by making small incisions behind the ears or underneath the chin, in order to easily access the neck muscles and tighten them to the more acceptable tautness.

From there, your surgeon will remove excess skin, and then pull the remaining skin tighter. In certain cases, a moderate liposuction procedure will also be performed in order to remove excess fat.

What happens after a neck lift?

Understandably, due to the nature of the procedure, there will be a couple of days of bed rest, followed by a modicum of swelling and bruising for a few days afterwards. The pain and numbness after the procedure will subside with minor itching and irritation.

You will be advised to avoid strenuous activity for a couple of weeks. But our clients agree that it’s worth it, as it can take years off your appearance. For more information, please consult our facial surgery page.

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