As we age, we lose elasticity in the skin and see it start to sag. This affects the face and body, and is a particular issue after massive weight loss as it is impossible to tone up the skin once it has been stretched to that degree. The thighs and upper arms are classic problem areas and can become a source of extreme self-consciousness, with many people striving to keep them covered up. This can, of course, be limiting, and eventually takes a toll on a person’s self-confidence.

Thigh and arm lifts are surgical procedures aimed at tightening the contour of the thighs and arms and removing any excess skin. During your body contouring consultation, Milton Keynes-based Mr Sudip Ghosh will examine the affected areas, assessing the severity of the problem. He will ask you about your objectives, and discuss the potential risks and complications associated with thigh and arm reduction surgery, including the likely extent of scarring. Mr Ghosh encourages every cosmetic surgery candidate to ask as many questions as they need at their consultation; he believes that knowing the facts and having realistic expectations is essential to making safe and confident decisions.

How is a thigh or arm reduction performed?

The procedure itself is performed under general anaesthetic and requires one or two nights in hospital. The arm lift incision runs along the inner arm, possibly extending from armpit to elbow, depending on the individual case. The thigh lift incision runs down the inner thigh, potentially from the knee to groin; it may be appropriate to extend the incision along the buttock fold to enable further lift. Mr Ghosh will then carefully separate the skin from the fat and muscle below, remove the excess skin and then close the incision.

What is the recovery process like after a thigh or arm reduction?

You should allow two to three weeks to recover before resuming normal activities, but avoid strenuous exercise until at least six weeks post-surgery. Mr Ghosh recommends his patients wear compression garments after their thigh and arm lifts to encourage optimal results.

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