The thirty-minute facelift explained

If you’re interested in the benefits of facial cosmetic surgery, but are not yet mentally prepared for a standard facelift, we find that the Silhouette Thread facelift is the perfect entry-level procedure for people who desire instant results without the downtime associated with more intrusive procedures.

The Silhouette thread facelift is a procedure that does two jobs in one: it gives the practitioner the opportunity to reshape parts of the face you’re not happy with, while throwing in an active ingredient which delivers a collagen-stimulating boost which helps reverse the ageing process and restores volume to the skin. And yes, the procedure takes a mere 30 minutes – hence the ‘lunch-hour facelift’ tag.

How the Silhouette thread facelift works

After an application of local anaesthetic to the treated area, a surgical thread is inserted into the skin with a fine needle. This thread – made from a polymer called Polylactic acid – has been in operation for decades, is used in a wide range of procedures, and is 100% safe.

The special thing about the thread we use, however, is that it’s been pitted with tiny bi-directional ‘cones’, which we use to create a framework. This means that once the tread is in place, we can reshape the targeted area, and set it in place.

Possible side-effects to the Silhouette thread facelift: minimal

The Silhouette Thread technique is specifically designed for the brow area, the area around the cheekbones, the jaw line and the neck. You won’t have to undergo a recovery period after the treatment, but there is a chance of slight bruising afterwards. In which case, an antibiotic cream will be prescribed, which can be applied to the entry and exit points.

Because the treatment does not involve intrusive surgery, the visual effects of a procedure tend to last for a period of 12 to 18 months (although the collagen-stimulating benefits continue to work long afterwards). But you can have the treatment re-done, whenever you like. For more information, visit our Silhouette thread page.

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