The thighplasty: the fast track to natural shape

thighplastyAs anyone of a certain age knows, losing weight is a double-edged sword. Yes, you can feel an enormous sense of achievement and can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve boosted your health, confidence and self-esteem – but while you’ve eliminated the fat from certain areas, your skin hasn’t got the memo.

The sad fact is that our skin gradually loses its elasticity over time, and is unable to snap back into place, meaning that our face, neck, upper arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks and particularly our thighs can become lumpy and misshapen. You’ve done all you can: allow us to finish the job…

Give your shape the lift it deserves

A thigh lift – technically known a thighplasty – is a procedure which removes excess skin and fat from the thigh area, in order to restore natural shape and tone. Depending on the shape of your thighs, there are three separate procedures which can do the job.

If you find yourself with moderate skin and fat deposits, an inner lift – which involves an incision in the groin fold, and then a lifting of the skin and tissue in the thigh – is the ideal solution.

If you have a larger amount of skin and fat deposits, a vertical lift – which involves an incision from the groin to the inner knee to allow a greater lift of skin and tissue – may be more suitable.

If you’ve managed an extreme amount of weight loss, the best option is usually an outer lift, which involves an incision from the groin and around the hip.

Let us finish the job you started

The procedure takes between two to three hours, and is under general anaesthetic. After the procedure, you will be requested to take fourteen days off work, depending on what you do. You will be advised not to drive for six weeks.

For more information on thighplasty, please consult our post weight loss surgery section.

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