The surprising side-effects of Botox

The surprising side effects of BotoxWe all know the beneficial properties of Botox as a wrinkle-smoother, but this report in Time magazine really shocked us here at Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes cosmetic clinic. And in a good way.

Since it was discovered over 200 years ago, Botox has been viewed by the medical community as the go-to protein to relax muscles. And although the layperson knows it best as a cosmetic tool, there’s far more to Botox than meets the eye. It’s also a proven solution for…

Chronic migraines

In 1992, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon was told by clients that their Botox treatment had given them fewer headaches. This eventually led to a clinical trial by the manufacturers in 2010, and Botox was officially approved for the disorder. The procedure for chronic migraines is pretty intense – as it involves 31 injections on the head and neck – but he effects last for three months.


Although this has not been officially approved by America’s Food and Drug Administration, early trials are showing that there might be something in Botox being an anti-depressant. A (admittedly small) study a few years ago claimed that 52% of people with major depression who used Botox for six weeks reported a drop in symptoms. Whether this is because the treatment has made them look better or not could be a factor, but we’ll have to wait and see on this score.

Crossed eyes

Strabismus – the condition which causes misalignment of the eyes – was one of the first conditions that Botox was approved by the FDA for, as its muscle-relaxant properties were deemed as an extremely safe and effective way of resetting the eye position.

Overactive bladder

Is there anything Botox can’t do? During a study in a Chicago medical school, 70% of women with overactive bladder problems reported that they needed the loo 40% less over the course of the day.

Of course, here at SJG Plastic Surgery we prefer to concentrate on the cosmetic benefits of Botox, as it’s the quick and easy solution for wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet.

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