The Silhouette Thread facelift: a real alternative to invasive surgery

If you want to sample the benefits of a facelift but aren’t ready for a full surgical procedure, we suggest the Silhouette Thread facelift. In a nutshell, it’s a quick (only 30 minute) procedure which gives you the benefits of facial reshaping without the expense and downtime of invasive surgery.

The actual procedure is simple: after an application of local anaesthetic to numb the treated area, a special surgical thread is inserted into the skin with a fine needle. This thread is dotted with tiny bi-directional ‘cones’, which your practitioner uses to create a framework.

The Silhouette Thread facelift: two treatments for the price of one

Not only do the thread and cones dissolve over time, but they also contain an active ingredient which delivers a collagen-stimulating boost which helps reverse the ageing process and restores volume to the skin. This technique is specifically designed for the brow area, the area around the cheekbones, the jawline and the neck.

The Silhouette Thread facelift: no downtime required

The visual effects of a procedure usually last for a period of 12 to 18 months, although the collagen-stimulating benefits continue to work long afterwards. And you can have the treatment re-done, whenever you like. Even better news: you won’t need to book off any post-procedure downtime, but there is a chance of slight bruising afterwards. Therefore, an antibiotic cream will be prescribed, for application on the entry and exit points.

We tend to find that people who choose this technique are either starting to think about reaping the benefits of cosmetic surgery but want to try it out at a lower price than a facelift, or people who feel they’re not ready for a larger procedure just yet. Either way, it’s the perfect first step for people looking to indulge in the benefits of aesthetic procedures.

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