The rhinoplasty consultation

Milton Keynes rhinoplasty consultationThe most important phase of a rhinoplasty procedure isn’t the surgery or the recovery period: it’s the consultation period. This is because, unlike most surgical procedures, rhinoplasty isn’t do-or-die: nobody is being forced into an operation in order to save or prolong their life. The client is undergoing a procedure of their own free will.

Furthermore, clients aren’t being ‘pushed’ towards whichever surgeon is available: there’s an element of choice involved. Essentially, the rhinoplasty consultation period is a job interview, where the onus is on the surgeon to advise, explain, and reassure and impress you with their credentials.

Treat a rhinoplasty consultation as a job interview…

Before undergoing a procedure, a proper surgeon will take you through it step-by-step – not only to reassure and inform you, but to make absolutely sure that you know what you’re about to go through, and what’s possible. A good surgeon will only operate if they feel the procedure is attainable and necessary: in certain cases, a surgeon will refuse to operate if they feel there’s no need for it, such as when a client believes there’s a flaw that the surgeon can’t see.

…with you as the boss

You will also be fully briefed on the recovery process, the side-effects of the anaesthetic that will be used, how to prevent potential infection, the potential risks and complications of a cosmetic procedure, and what you will need to do before and after the procedure to ensure a fast and full recovery.

So, the whole point of the consultation period is to prepare you for what is about to happen, create a rapport between yourself and the surgeon you’ve chosen, and ensure you have no illusions as to what you’re about to undergo. To book one with us here at SJG Plastic Surgery, please get in touch with us here. 

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