The mid facelift: it doesn’t half work

mid facelift resultsAesthetic surgery is an extremely bespoke service: you come to us and tell us what part of your face or body is bothering you, we suggest a range of treatments, we both decide upon the best course of action and we set the procedure in motion. However, there are treatments that are so good at what they do that we can’t help but refer them to clients who are seeking a younger appearance without knowing exactly what they want, and the mid facelift is one of them.

What the mid facelift does

The ‘mid’ aspect of the procedure shouldn’t be mistaken for a partial facelift: rather, it’s to do with the area of the face that is worked upon. The standard facelift is usually concerned with improving the jawline and neck area: a mid facelift concentrates on the upper cheek area.

Why? Because as we mature, the fatty tissue over the cheekbones begins to sag, leading to less prominent cheekbones and a droopy fold of skin and fat between the nose and cheek, leading to baggier lower eyelids and an alteration of the appearance of the lower cheek. These are the imperfections that a mid facelift can correct.

What happens during a mid facelift?

There are many different techniques, but all mid facelifts involve a series of minimally invasive incisions. This allows the surgeon to lift the droopy tissue over the cheekbone, giving the cheeks an elevated, youthful-looking appearance. The number of incisions will depend on the technique used, and most clients will be able to return to work after a week or so.

Bottom line: a mid facelift can really take years off your face, and restore your cheekbones back to their former glory. For more information on booking a consultation, consult our facial surgery page.

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