The male facelift: what’s the difference?

male facelifts - what's the difference?As we all know, the idea that cosmetic surgery is an exclusively female preserve is becoming a thing of the past. Recent figures demonstrate that twice as many cosmetic procedures were performed on the male sex than there were a decade ago, and that figure is set to rise as time goes on.

It’s different for boys

It’s not surprising, really: as social mores have changed, the male stigma of taking care of how you look has evaporated, and it’s becoming more important – both personally and professionally – to look as youthful and energetic as possible. One of the major players in cosmetic surgery for men in recent years is the male facelift.

There are four main considerations that need to be kept in mind when dealing with facelift surgery for males. They are:

Men have firmer ligament supports than women – which means that the manipulation of them during a cosmetic procedure takes a little more time.

Men tend to have a ‘heavier’ face, particularly round the jaw and neck area, which needs to be taken into consideration by the surgeon.

Men tend to bleed more during a procedure, due to the fact that they have more blood vessels in their faces than women do.

Men have hair follicles on their faces – which narrow down the options a cosmetic surgeon has, so not to put their moustache, beard and sideburn areas out of kilter.

Choose your male facelift surgeon widely

This all means that the choice of surgeon is critical for males because, yes – there is a difference when it comes to facelifts. At the moment, the vast majority of male procedures are focused on body enhancements – and when it comes to results, men are far more insistent on making the changes as subtle as possible, and aren’t as willing to go through pain or post-procedure downtime as the ladies are.

Moral of the story? If you’re looking for a practitioner who already knows the ins and out of male cosmetic surgery, book a consultation with SJG Plastic Surgery.

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