The financial side of cosmetic surgery: 4 FAQs

The decision to have cosmetic surgery can be an empowering one but it is never an easy decision to make, with many factors to take into account, including that of finances.

1. Can I get cosmetic surgery on the NHS?

With some procedures occasionally funded by the NHS, many people considering cosmetic surgery will ask this question. However, the reality is that it is rarely available on the NHS; only those with a major psychological or physical reason for surgery are eligible.

2. Is it cheaper to have cosmetic surgery abroad?

At face value, it can often seem cheaper to travel abroad for cosmetic surgery – but it is essential that you do your research first. Is the clinic regulated? How do their qualifications compare? What of aftercare when you return home? In many cases, when travel and the final accommodation costs are totted up, the deal does not seem quite so attractive.

3. What are the total costs of cosmetic surgery?

Before embarking on any treatment, ensure you understand the full schedule of fees and that there are no hidden costs to alarm you further down the road. At Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery clinic, patients are given the full picture before committing to anything.

4. What if I’m unhappy with the results of my cosmetic surgery?

Do check with your surgeon about their revisions policy in the event that you need repeat or corrective surgery. To minimise the risk of such a situation, not only is it important to choose a surgeon who is highly experienced, but also that surgeon and patient have candid discussions about the potential risks and the limitations of surgery. Milton Keynes surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh finds that those patients who are realistic in their expectations tend to be the much more satisfied with the aesthetic outcomes.

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