The dos and don’ts for post-filler perfection

lip augmentation resultsSo, you’ve had lip filler treatment, and you really like loving the way they look. You’ve already discovered how fast and safe the treatment is, and how they add volume and smooth out vertical lines around the edges of the mouth. Here’s what you need to do now to ensure your new look holds up…

Give yourself sufficient time to recover

Although there is minimal downtime involved with filler treatment, there’s always the chance of redness around the site of injection – and an even slighter chance of a small amount of bruising. So while you could go straight back to work after treatment, it’s advisable to give yourself a day or two to get used to your new look before revealing it – especially if you’ve gone for the fuller look.

No touching!

Some people claim that rolling the new lips between the fingers for a few minutes at a time is a great way to promote extra plumpness. It’s actually an even better way of irritating the treated area before it has time to heal properly, tampering with the positioning of the dermal filler, and even infecting the lips. Let them be.

The full look takes time

If you want that really plump look, you can have it – but not straight away. A professional practitioner will advise a course of injections spread out over a few weeks or even a month, in order to give the lips time to adjust to their new dimensions. If your practitioner offers to whack in the maximum amount of filler in one sitting, go elsewhere. The consequences can be disastrous.

Come back and see us in 18 months

…because depending on your skin quality, the area treated and type of filler used, this will be the time to consider a top-up treatment.

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