The differences between male and female facelifts

facial rejuvenation surgeryThe secret’s out: cosmetic surgery is no longer the exclusive preserve of women. More and more men are getting in on the act and discovering the benefits of facial rejuvenation for themselves, but there are big differences in aesthetic procedures for men and women.

The main difference is to do with what men and women actually want from a cosmetic procedure. While women tend to be more upfront about what work they’ve done – and sometimes aim for a considerable transformation – men are usually a little more reticent about their aims, preferring to go for subtle tweaks and not wanting anyone to know they’ve sought out a little help in the looks department. In other words, men tend to want to look the same as before, but better.

Male vs female approach to facial rejuvenation surgery

One key difference for practitioners is that a male facelift can be more of a challenge than its female equivalent, due to the fact that males have stronger ligamental supports, heavier necks, more vascular skin, and bigger faces. On the positive side, that means that men can recover from a procedure quicker than their female counterparts.

The other essential difference is that for procedures that involve the lower and side areas of the face, special consideration needs to be given to males, due to facial hair and the potential repositioning of those areas.

Above all, the male facelift is about subtly altering elements of the face for the better, while preserving its character. The sad fact is that people are more forgiving about lines and wrinkles in men than they are about women: conversely, putting too much work into a male facelift detracts from the overall effect and can be counterproductive.

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