Stuck on New Year’s Resolutions? We can help

You might be thinking of Christmas and all the social events that are upon us, but 2019 is only around the corner – so if there’s something about your appearance that you’ve been meaning to work on, we can help. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking…

Correct that neck

One of the first signs of ageing can be found around the neck area, as the skin and muscles around that area are usually the first to succumb to gravity – and you can’t wear a scarf all year round. If this is a problem you’d like to address in 2019, come and see us about a neck lift – the procedure which can tighten the muscles in that area and even trim off excess skin, leaving a smooth, taut and more youthful appearance.

Finish off your new look with abdominoplasty

If your last New Year Resolution was to lose weight, only to discover your skin hasn’t snapped back into place, abdominoplasty – otherwise known as a tummy tuck – can really make a difference. Not only can we trim off the excess skin and restore a smooth contour, we can also reset any damage to your abdominal wall and remove any excess fat that the exercise and dieting have been unable to shift.

Get smoother, firmer, more youthful skin with a peel

Winter can really take it out on our complexion, so why reset your skin with a peel? It can fix the damage caused by exposure to sunlight, as well as a range of skin texture problems and blemishes. It’s simple: an application of safe chemicals take off the thin outer layer of skin damaged by sunlight, natural oils and make-up, allowing a fresh, clean layer to naturally take its place.

Get your most hated feature off your back

…or your face, or your chest, or wherever it is, be it a mole, a blemish or a scar that’s sticking out more than it needs to. It’s a walk-in, walk-out facility, which means getting shot of your physical bugbears can be easier – and less expensive – than you think.

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