Spring clean your complexion with a peel

Spring clean your complexion with a chemical peelIt’s been a long, harsh winter, and it’s really taken it out on your complexion. Sure, it’s been given a break from the barrage of UVB rays which can create wrinkles, cell damage, uneven skin tone, dryness and other signs of ageing, but winter conditions have its own dangers. As the mercury in the thermometer drops, the low humidity dries out the skin – which is particularly damaging when we mature and are unable to produce natural oils to counter the dryness.

What can a chemical peel do to help?

Simply put, a chemical peel can reset your complexion. It’s a safe and trusted procedure which involves the application of certain compounds to your face, which exfoliates and speeds up cell turnover to slough away dead cells and the patina of accumulated oils, remove the outer layer of ‘old’ skin, and clear the way for a new, fresh layer of skin. This time of year is also a perfect time to have one, as the spring sun isn’t as harsh as a summer one, meaning the new layer of skin has time to develop without having to load up on sunscreen and looks at its very best in the summer.

It really works, whatever the season

Please be aware that a chemical peel isn’t the magic solution for banishing seasonal damage forever: although your face will feel clearer than ever before, it’ll be up to you to ensure the damage doesn’t return, with an improved sunscreen and facial cleansing regime. But if you can’t manage that, you can always come back for another peel treatment.

If you feel your complexion is letting you down, get in touch with us here at SJG Plastic Surgery at your earliest convenience, and we’ll show you just how effective this treatment is.

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