A silhouette thread facelift is a procedure which Is aimed at a sagging jawline, heavy brow, wrinkles and regeneration of rosy apple cheeks. It can stop the signs of ageing in a safe way and can provide results in 30 to 60 minutes.

The procedure can be performed on various areas of the face such as:

• Contour
• Lower jaw
• Cheeks and cheekbones
• Eyebrows
• Neck

Who is suitable for a silhouette thread facelift?

The treatment is most suitable for patients who are 25 or over, when the effects of ageing are more present. As the ageing process begins the skin thins and the skin sags and forms wrinkles this is due to the slowing down of production of collagen and elastin fibres.

A silhouette thread facelift is an effective alternative to a normal facelift as it does not require surgery and is minimally invasive.

How is the silhouette thread facelift performed?

Before the procedure begins the problem areas are identified and marked around the face and the neck. The marks will be used as entry points for the sutures.

It is a minimally invasive procedure, performed under local anaesthetic, which uses bio-absorbable threads which are placed underneath the skin to lift and restore facial contours. The threads also stimulate the skin’s collagen production, which results in a smoother appearance. As the threads are absorbed by the body they cannot be removed. As the sutures dissolve the skin on the patients face will appear naturally fuller, even after the sutures have completed dissolved.

How long does the silhouette thread facelift last?

The lasting effect of the treatment varies from patient to patient, but results can last up to 18 months.

What are the side effects of a silhouette thread facelift?

Full recovery can take up to a week, however, as with any procedure, there are after effects and guidelines that need to be followed.

• Indentation at the entrance and exit points
• Slight depression
• Slight bruising and swelling which should go down two to five days after treatment
• Some puckering along the length of the thread which settles but might take up to two weeks to lay completely flat
• Breaking of the thread is a possible risk
• There is a risk of infection as with any procedure
• Unevenness

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