Saggy skin is getting me down – can surgery help?

When someone is overweight and wants to be slimmer, be it through weight-loss surgery or a drastic lifestyle change, they understandably focus on losing that weight and picture the slighter frame that will follow. What often features less in the vision of the future is that while the fat will ebb away, the excess skin may not. The reality is that when skin has been stretched significantly, it can lose its elasticity so cannot shrink tidily down after weight loss, often leaving drooping folds of skin that cause both discomfort and embarrassment. For many people in this situation, surgery offers the only solution.

Which areas of my body can post weight loss surgery help?

When patients present at Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery clinic after their weight loss, the problem areas most commonly cited are the stomach, the upper arms and the thighs. Mr Ghosh will first listen to your concerns before conducting a physical examination. He will then tailor a surgical plan to your individual needs, maybe a combination of arm lift, thigh lift and abdominoplasty, candidly advising to what extent surgery can alleviate your discomfort and improve the appearance. Post weight loss surgery, such as a body lift, can reshape the body, removing excess skin and tightening up areas, leaving a smoother, tauter silhouette.

How do I choose the right surgeon for me?

As well as ensuring your surgeon is highly qualified and experienced, trusting them to be honest in their guidance and having realistic expectations yourself is paramount. Any surgical incision will leave a scar so it is imperative that anyone considering an arm or thigh lift or a tummy tuck has a clear idea of the size and visibility of any such scar before making any decision. To this end, Mr Ghosh devotes time in any consultation with his Milton Keynes patients to ensuring they fully understand the side effects of surgery.

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