Rhinoplasty, also known as nasal reshaping surgery or more commonly as a nose job, is a highly popular cosmetic surgery procedure, albeit one that is very technically challenging.

A rhinoplasty can be performed as a purely aesthetic procedure to change the size, shape or appearance of the nose, but it may also be necessary to improve the function of the nose at the same time. This is often known as a septo-rhinoplasty and Mr Sudip Ghosh will perform an examination during your consultation to fully assess the internal structure of the nose as well as discussing any concerns you may have with its appearance.

The nose is the central feature of the face and, as such, it can often unbalance your features. Buckinghamshire-based rhinoplasty expert Mr Sudip Ghosh employs a wide range of different techniques that can alter the tip, reshape the nostrils or remove bumps or straighten the bridge. Furthermore, trauma, injury or disease can all have had an impact on the nose and may necessitate a rhinoplasty.

What does a rhinoplasty entail?

The consultation is a very important stage in your rhinoplasty procedure. It is crucial that you are able to vocalise exactly what concerns you about your nose and that you feel confident that your plastic surgeon fully understands these concerns. There are some limitations to what can be achieved, but seeing before and afters of previous patients can be a helpful indication of similar rhinoplasty procedures.

A rhinoplasty or septo-rhinoplasty will be performed under a general anaesthetic and will take, on average, two hours, depending on the extent of the procedure. This will be followed by an overnight stay in hospital where you will then be assessed by Mr Ghosh before being discharged. Follow-up appointments will check on your progress and also to remove any stitches if required.

What is the recovery like after a rhinoplasty?

Generally, rhinoplasty patients take up to two weeks off work and you may be given a splint to wear post-procedure to protect the nose as it’s healing.

Are there any possible complications after a rhinoplasty?

Initially, there will be swelling and bruising of the nose area and it can take a few months before the swelling completely disappears and you can see your final results. There should be no visible scarring after a rhinoplasty.

All possible complications are discussed in full at your consultation and Mr Ghosh is always on hand if you have any concerns after your rhinoplasty operation. Occasionally, patients may require secondary surgery for further improvements, either externally or internally.

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For men and women who have always been dissatisfied with the size and/or shape of their nose, Mr Ghosh is a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon who provides nose reshaping surgery in the Buckinghamshire area. For more information, call 07518 914475 or email enquiries@sjgonline.co.uk.

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