It is thought that up to two per cent of the UK population consider their ears are too prominent and this can cause a degree of distress and embarrassment. Prominent ear correction, also known as pinnaplasty or otoplasty, is one of the few cosmetic surgery procedures performed on children and this is usually done through the NHS.

For many, prominent ears are a genetic trait and a family trend can be identified. Very prominent ears will often lack the normal fold behind the ear that keeps it pinned closer to the head. Sometimes one ear can be more prominent that the other.

What can be done to correct prominent ears?

For adults considering surgery to correct their prominent ears, the procedure is aimed at adjusting the cartilage within the ear, to create the missing folds, so the ear lies closer to the head. As an adult, the cartilage will be firmer so less easy to mould than it is with younger children.

A variation of the procedure, performed by Milton Keynes-based cosmetic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh is to reshape the lobes if they are considered overly large.

In adults, the procedure is usually performed under a local anaesthetic and generally takes between two to three hours. Mr Ghosh will make incisions behind the ear, easily hidden in the natural fold between the ear and head. Cartilage and skin is removed and the ear is then stitched into its new position with permanent internal stitches.

What are the possible complications of prominent ear correction?

Although a pinnaplasty is a relatively straightforward procedure, all surgery involves a degree of risk, including reaction to anaesthetic, infection, excessive bleeding or the formation of blood clots.

Possible complications that relate to the prominent ear correction are usually rare. There may be some numbness of the ears that may take a couple of weeks to disappear. There may be a degree of asymmetry that necessitates a follow-up operation.

What is recovery like after an pinnaplasty?

Recovery from prominent ear correction should be very quick and any discomfort or tenderness can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers. The majority of Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Buckinghamshire ear correction patients are able to return to work within a day or two, although it should be at least a month before you resume contact sports.

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For men and women who have prominent ears, there is a surgical solution that can resize and/or reshape the ear and to ensure that it sits in a much less prominent position. Mr Ghosh can perform this procedure on adults under a local anaesthetic.For more information on prominent ear correction, fill in the enquiry form and his Private Secretary will be in touch.

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