Problems with fat? Move it!

fat transfer benefitsWe’re always worried about fat at this time of year, but in many cases – especially putting too much of it on – but let’s not forget that certain parts of our body could do with some. Sad to say that as we age, the fat content in our face – especially in the mid-face and chin – starts to decrease in volume. This results in the skin being drawn downwards, which makes our cheeks look sunken, which in turn dramatically ages the appearance of the face.

There’s a natural, simple and effective answer to this: a procedure which transfers of fat from one part of your body (usually the thighs or abdomen) to the area of the face that needs extra volume.

The great thing about a fat transfer procedure is twofold: first, we utilise a ‘filler’ that that has been created in your own body – making it the safest material possible – and secondly, the results are a healthier look and instant rejuvenation.

A pearl of a procedure

A facial fat transfer procedure works along the same lines as a body fat transfer procedure: fat is removed from one part of the body with a specialised syringe, and then put through centrifugal force to isolate the fat cells. These are then injected into the treated area in small ‘pearls’, in a layered pattern, to ensure the graft will take. Local anaesthesia is used, making it a painless procedure.

Instant results, minimal downtime

As fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure, it’s a walk-in-walk-out treatment with zero downtime. There is a possibility of bruising, although this can be easily covered up and they will naturally disappear after a week or so.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and painless solution to facial ageing, with a more natural and less detectable result than other procedures – and no risk of scarring, or allergic reactions to the filler – fat transfer would be the best possible way to look and feel better . To apply for a consultation, please refer to our Fat Transfer page.

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