Now is the time to get ready for party season

Buckinghamshire beauty proceduresWe may be on the cusp of autumn, but now is the time to start thinking about looking as good as possible for the Christmas season, or even getting the jump on your New Year resolutions. There are many good reasons to get booked into SJG Plastic Surgery during the autumn, not least because you’ll be giving yourself the maximum time to recover from your procedure and adapt to your new look.

Here are a few suggestions for looking how you want to this party season…

Level up your body with liposuction

If you need a solution for getting rid of body fat in unwanted areas – or have had enough of excessive weight – undergoing a liposuction treatment is a great way to kick-start a healthier you.

Get a fast facelift with Silhouette thread

If you want to reset your appearance with minimal downtime, try a Silhouette thread facelift. It’s a minimally-invasive procedure that does two jobs in one: it allows your practitioner to reshape areas of the face and it delivers a collagen boost, without the expense and downtime of invasive surgery. The actual procedure takes a mere 30 minutes – which is why it’s known in the media as the ‘lunch-hour facelift’.

Smooth out those wrinkles with Botox

If you want to get rid of facial lines and wrinkles on a budget, Botox is the obvious choice, as it targets problem areas with fast results at a lower cost. Targeting the lines caused by facial expressions, the results of a Botox course lasts up to six months, which should carry you right through party season and into the New Year.

Get rid of those annoying moles

A mole removal procedure is probably the simplest procedure we undertake: you will be given a minor local anaesthetic which numbs the area around the mole. We then remove it – either through a shave excision (which involves cutting it off with scalpel), a punch excision (which involves using a small tool to cut and twist the mole out) or a regular surgical excision.

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