As with the face, the neck is one of the first places to display the visible signs of ageing as skin and muscles become lax over time. A neck lift is commonly combined with a facelift to ensure an overall rejuvenated appearance.

You may also be suitable for neck lift surgery if you’ve always lacked definition in this area or have lost an extreme amount of weight that has left you with excess sagging skin.

A neck lift, known as a platysmaplasty, entails tightening of the muscles in the neck and removal of any excess skin marring the jawline and neck to produce a smooth, taut and more youthful-appearing neck. Any excess fat along the neck or jawline can be targeted with liposuction.

What happens during a neck lift procedure?

Performed under a general anaesthetic, a neck lift typically takes two hours although the operation can take longer if combined with other procedures. Small incisions are made just behind the ears which allows Mr Ghosh to access the platysma muscle. This is tightened and the excess skin is trimmed before the skin is redraped and then stitched into its new lifted position.

What are the potential risks associated with a neck lift?

The neck area will be bruised and swollen after a neck lift and patients report that they feel either numb or a tight, pulling sensation as the healing process begins. Most patients are able to resume normal activities and return to work approximately ten days post procedure. More strenuous activities should be abstained from for three to four weeks.

Although a neck lift is usually a relatively straightforward procedure, there are risks to any surgical operation performed under a general anaesthetic. This includes infection, build up of fluid, excessive bleeding, and temporary or permanent loss of sensation.

What results can I expect from a neck lift?

Occasionally, there may be a degree of asymmetry after a neck lift that may require a repeat procedure for optimal results. Mr Ghosh will position the scars so they are well hidden and once fully healed they are rarely noticeable.

A neck lift is best suited to men and women who still have a certain amount of skin elasticity. This is a highly effective rejuvenation procedure that produces a markedly more youthful appearance to the neck and results should last approximately ten years.

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