My inverted nipples make me feel very self-conscious…

embarrassedInverted nipples are not uncommon – but they can make a woman feel embarrassed or even distressed. However, as more women are discovering, this obstacle to self-esteem is not something they must simply endure: as surgical techniques develop, problems such as nipple inversion are easily corrected with a relatively simple procedure.

How can a surgeon correct nipple inversion?

Inverted nipples are caused by an overproduction of the nipple’s connective tissues. These tissues then pull the nipple inwards. The most appropriate type of corrective surgery will depend on each individual case.

During your consultation, Milton Keynes surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh will examine your inverted nipple or nipples and describe which technique he would recommend. Surgery may involve pushing the nipple up by creating small flaps of skin around it, or it may target and disentangle the connective tissues at the base of the nipple.

Mr Ghosh will detail all that the procedure entails, and outline the potential side effects and complications of surgery. These risks include scarring, infection, asymmetry between the two breasts and damage to the milk ducts. He will also explain that there is a risk of the nipple reverting to an inverted position again.

What is the recovery period like?

When Mr Ghosh sends his Milton Keynes patients home after their inverted nipple surgery, he provides them with comprehensive aftercare guidance.

This advice includes: you may experience slight bruising and swelling; you may feel some pain for which you can take paracetamol; you should avoid strenuous activity for a week but after this point life can get back to normal; and avoid wearing tight tops or padded bras for a week or two.

Finally, Mr Ghosh asks his patients to give themselves time to heal – and urges them to call the clinic if they have any concerns.

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